Just a third of SMEs are currently providing some form of staff training, according to a new report. City & Guilds commissioned the research into small business attitudes and aspirations earlier this year, and the figures show that 34% of SMEs are providing training, “which, considering SMEs and start-ups are the wealth creators in the UK, seems like an almighty deficit.”

Elsewhere in the survey, City & Guilds reveals that while 90% percent of SME employees feel that management and leadership skills are important to the future success of their business, “Only 20% have access to leadership and management training programmes, suggesting that more structures need to be implemented to ensure that employees are empowered to upskill, irrespective of the size of their organisation.”
City & Guilds has been active in promoting training for young people and combatting youth employment in recent years.
It turns out that the recent Brexit vote, City & Guilds believes that “SMEs risk having to limit their investment in skills training. This is dangerous long-term because it could affect the way that businesses access skilled workers – looking to hire externally rather than upskilling their existing employees – potentially leaving an entire tranche of SME employees with under developed skillsets and with a stunted career path.”

Source:  Apprentice Eye http://ow.ly/4y6W302C22p